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Meet our Dental Team

Our Dentist & Dental Team believe every patient is unique. We also believe that there is a relationship between your dental health and your overall wellness. Our Dentist works from an individualized framework, where your treatment plans take into account your personal experiences and health history.

At The Dental Center we know your time is valuable; it is a part of our mission to offer you timely, quality care that addresses both your long- and short-term dental needs. We believe working from this framework will provide you positive dental experiences that help you avoid more extensive dental work in the future.

We are focused on keeping you healthy, receiving the care you need, deserve & can afford. With those goals in mind we are committed to up-keeping important digital imaging tools that simplify problem identification and unnecessary or irrelevant procedures.

We are dental practitioners who are passionate about helping others maintain their oral health!

As a private, local business, we’re proud to serve our fellow Cedar Rapids, IA community members!