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Shari, Hygiene Coordinator

I was born and raised in Monticello, Iowa. Since graduating from Des Moines Area Community College hygiene program in 1984, I have worked as a hygienist. During the early years of my career in Florida and Iowa, I typically worked at sole proprietor offices where I was the only full-time hygienist. I have also been able to lend my experience to other offices, working as a hygiene consultant.

I have been at The Dental Center since 2001. Joining a veteran hygiene team, because of the quality of care we provide our patients. I appreciate the environment staff enjoys at The Dental Center. The doctors understand we have many aspects to our lives, and they work with us to find the right balance. This is invaluable and because of it, employee turnover is very rare at The Dental Center. You will see familiar faces each time you visit.

I am married to Brett. He and I have two children, Mackenzie and Chancy. We also have three dogs, and two businesses. We enjoy traveling, particularly to warm places during cold Iowa winters.

Ami W.

Ami is a registered dental hygienist and has been a part of The Dental Center family for almost 25 years!

“My passion/love is watching and enjoying what my kids love most, sports. You will find me at softball, baseball, volleyball, football, wrestling, and track cheering on the West Delaware Hawks. As a family, we enjoy boating. I love to exercise and take care of my health.”

“The Dental Center has always taken into consideration my needs of being a mother. The flexibility is important to me and they provide that. I feel honored to be able to serve a great community of patients that I have gotten to know considerably over the years.”

“It’s the little things in life. Slow down and take time to enjoy the small things.”


Marie has been a dental hygienist at The Dental Center since the beginning of her career in 1998. She grew up in Minot, North Dakota and graduated from North Dakota State College of Science.

“In my free time, I like to spend time with my husband Darin, read my kindle, watch movies, and spend time outdoors.”

“I like working with people every day to help them understand the importance of a healthy mouth and of a smile that they don’t have to hide.”

“Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” -Plato

Amy M.

Originally, Amy went to college to be a Histology Technician and worked in the field for 8 years. Her desire to learn about the dental profession grew so she went back to school to be a dental hygienist. She has been working in the dental field for 19 years.

“I enjoy all areas of dentistry and learning about the newest advances. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time and creating memories with my family, hiking, traveling, and photography.”

“I love working at The Dental Center because we provide a wide range of services to meet each individual’s dental needs. Our goal is also to create doctor-patient relationships based on mutual trust and respect. I am proud to provide high-quality compassionate care in a modern, state-of-the-art facility.”

“Expect nothing, appreciate everything.”

Melissa L.

Melissa has been a hygienist at The Dental Center since 2005. She completed her hygiene and clinical studies through Kirkwood and The University of Iowa in 2002. She also graduated from Kirkwood Community College Dental Assisting program in 1996.

“I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, camping, hiking, and snuggling with my puppies.”

“I feel fortunate to be employed at The Dental Center. It’s a beautiful establishment with top of the line equipment. The staff is highly skilled and the doctors are wonderful.”

“Don’t let the world change your smile… Let your smile change the world!”


Sandy is a dental hygienist and an assistant here at The Dental Center. She completed her studies in both hygiene and assisting at Kirkwood. She has also completed level 1 and level 2 expanded functions in Dental Hygiene. 

“When I’m not working, I love to hang out with my family. I have a 3-year-old daughter that keeps me busy! I’m also known as the ‘crazy dog lady’. I volunteer with a local animal shelter fostering and taking care of dogs. If I have had the pleasure to work with you, there is a good chance you have heard about my two crazy pups!”

“I have been working at The Dental Center for over 11 years and I work with some pretty amazing people. All of the doctors are amazing and provide the best care to our patients. We all make a pretty awesome team!”

“There’s always a reason to smile.”


Prior to becoming a Dental Hygienist, I had the privilege of being a stay-home mom until my children were in their teens. I went to school “later” in life and discovered that I wasn’t just learning how to do a job, but I found my passion. I had the pleasure of teaching part-time with the Kirkwood Community College Dental Hygiene program for 10 years. I’ve been practicing since 2002, and now I find myself working with some of my classmates as well as some of my former students.

I am so proud to be a part of The Dental Center; it is a really unique group of dentists with varied backgrounds. The best thing about The Dental Center is that everyone works as a team; from the front desk, the doctors, the assistants, the hygienists, the lab, and the treatment coordinator. We take great pride in knowing our patients understand our recommendations. We work together to provide the very best treatment for our patients. We truly value the relationships built and the trust our patients have in us.

Kim V.

Bio coming soon…


Even as a small child, I knew I would either be a teacher or work in a health field some day. I believe I’ve found the best of both worlds with dental hygiene! I truly enjoy every opportunity I am given to educate my patients about oral health. I feel fortunate to be here at The Dental Center where I can spend so much one-on-one time with my patients. It really gives me the chance to get to know every person individually and help them achieve the best oral-health possible.

I graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene from Kirkwood in 2015 and with a degree in Health and Human Physiology from The University of Iowa in 2016. My studies have led me to have a strong interest in the association between oral and overall health. I love when I am able to help our patients see and appreciate the connections between the two!

In my spare time, I enjoy cheering my kids on at their sporting events, traveling, and simply spending time with family.


Carolyn graduated from dental hygiene school in 2001. She states, “It was one of the best decisions I ever made, I have enjoyed serving my patients ever since!”.

“I get excited about anything health and nutrition because I feel it impacts everything I enjoy doing! Making time for family, friends, cooking, nature, hiking, biking, walking, traveling, volunteering, and meditating are all passions of mine.”

“The patients at this office are especially friendly and receptive to learning ways to improve their oral health which makes it all worth it! The work environment is extremely supportive, when help is needed everyone rallies to do what they can. The doctors and administration are generous and caring. They do all they can to make sure we have great equipment, time off, and excellent quality continuing education.”

“One way I have found to improve my day is to ask myself, ‘What matters most in this moment’”.


Bio coming soon

Taylor A.

Taylor graduated with her Dental Hygiene degree from Kirkwood in 2018, and began with The Dental Center in 2019. She has continued her education in expanded functions which has allowed her to switch between roles in hygiene and assisting, you now see Taylor along side our doctors, predominantly, Dr. Kyle Haganman to help make your restorative visits run smoothly.
Taylor has a passion for ensuring patients feel comfortable and well cared for as well as understanding procedures and recommendations.
When Taylor is not working she is keeping up with her daughter, Cambria. They enjoy arts, outdoors, animals and family time.
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”


Bio coming soon


Christine was born and raised in Clinton, IA and moved to Cedar Rapids in 2007.  She enjoys spending time with her daughter, son, and dog outside of work – anything outdoors or music related.
Christine went to Kirkwood for the Dental Hygiene program and has been working as a hygienist since 2019.
Christine really enjoys working at the Dental Center because of the caring, team atmosphere.  The Dental Center is the a wonderful place to work and be a patient because you really are getting the best care possible.

 “If it doesn’t bring you peace, profit, or purpose then don’t give it your time, attention, or energy.”


Bio coming soon


Bridget graduated from the Kirkwood Dental Hygiene Program, and has worked at The Dental Center ever since
“The Dental Center has such a wide variety of expertise and so many caring hands and hearts that we are able to provide the best care for our patients. Helping others is a passion of mine. I cherish being able to help patients improve their oral and overall health as well as providing them the best experience possible here at The Dental Center”
 “In my free time I love spending time with my family and friends, watching movies, reading, and being out in nature!”
“Work hard and be kind”


Bio coming soon

We are grateful that The Dental Center is able to offer the skills of a prosthodontist, as well as treatment involving orthodontics and sedation dentistry. We can care for the entire family, from toddler to senior years. Our doctors and hygiene team have developed a periodontal program that is very beneficial for patients with gum disease. Our hygiene department works well together, each member providing a unique contribution for us all to learn and grow as a cohesive group.

Shari, Hygiene Coordinator

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Melissa L.

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Taylor A.

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